Business Tax Audits

IRS Tax Audit Help in San Diego

There are many reasons that a small business can get flagged for an IRS audit. Mathematical errors or claiming the wrong deduction when preparing your tax return could make the IRS want to double check your numbers.

Did Your Business Receive an Audit IRS Notice?

The idea of being audited by the IRS is scary but we can guide you through it and minimize financial implications. If you’ve received an audit notice from the IRS and aren’t sure what to do next, contact us immediately. We can review your notice and explain what it means and what needs to be done now to prepare. Then, we’ll be with you every step of the way to tell you about what to expect throughout the process and help you locate and organize the documentation needed for the audit.

Business Tax Audit Representation

Representing yourself before the IRS is a bad idea. Remember, the auditor has done this many times before but you have no experience with tax audits. As highly qualified tax professionals, we are able to anticipate any issues that could come up and prepare for them ahead of time. We are also keenly aware of how to answer their questions honestly but in a way that won’t raise any red flags. You'll also be less stressed and will feel more confident with us in your corner.

Even if you’ve filed your business tax returns on time each year and think you've done nothing wrong, the IRS may find an unexpected error. Audits are sometimes random but usually the IRS specifically selects which businesses to audit. If they feel your business is likely to provide an opportunity to collect additional taxes, they will come after you, so make sure you’re prepared. For audit help in the San Diego, CA area you can count on, call us at 858-573-2020 now.