IRS Tax Audits

Being audited by the IRS can be stressful, confusing, and expensive, unless you have a qualified tax professional on your side like Taxalutions. We understand how IRS auditors operate and will help you get through the red tape to minimize tax penalties and interest. If you have received an audit notice, don't wait, call us now at 858-573-2020 and tell us about your tax problems. We’ll explain the audit process in plain language you can understand and will represent you or your business before the IRS.

Business Tax Audits

If your small business has been targeted by the IRS, don't face them alone. We'll take on the auditor with you to get the best outcome possible.

Individual Tax Audits

When up against a trained IRS tax auditor, a taxpayer is at a distinct disadvantage if they’re on their own. We can level the playing field by representing you in front of the IRS.